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Specializing in building strong brands for business and organizations, Lawless Creative is “Your One-Stop Shop for all your Design Needs”.

We turn the ordinary into something extraordinary, bringing creativity into everyday life and work. We strongly believe in a consultative process that involves client participation at each stage of the branding design creation.

It's time to explore a new frontier.

Organizing information for the key insights that become the foundation of an effective brand.

Walk the line between what is possible and what is appropriate. Our job is to get into your head.

Knowing your target market and exactly what your market niche is ready for.

Focusing on the details that bring quality and emotional investment.







About Lawless

Lisa Lawless

There is always more depth to everything you see.”- Lawlessisum

At Lawless Creative, I make it a point to share the latest ideas, inspirations, and tips related to design, creativity, and marketing.

My design specialties include:
• Branding and Corporate Identity
• Print Advertising • Trade Show Graphics
• Signage • Publications
• Website Design • Illustration • Fine Art
I’ve worked with:
• Local Charities  • Government Institutions
• Educational Facilities  • Universities
• Small Business  • Corporations
• Toy Manufacturers • Home Builders

My passion for creativity began at a young age, where I began my design career by drawing under dining room tables and on walls.  From there, I refined my art by making math textbooks more colourful and interesting. Sheridan College was my structured playground for Interpretative Illustration, followed by Humber College graphic design program (where I graduated with honours).

I’ve adapted to a variety of traditional and new media platforms  - over time, I honed my skills through both traditional and digital media, enabling my work to be seamless whether drawn on paper, or illustrated on the computer.

With my feet firmly planted in creative art & graphic design, I’m able to bring a refreshing and new outlook for your projects.
Years ago, I opened Lawless Creative and took the big leap into the business community. During this time I've had the pleasure working with numerous businesses, as well as several local charities.

The journey has been amazing! It’s been a true pleasure helping clients from many backgrounds, learning new skills along the way. Every client is unique and every project is a new creative challenge!


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